The Symphonic Band Musical Union of Lleida (BSUMLLEIDA) was born on January 22, 2014 under the auspices of six teachers at the Conservatory of Lleida and professor at the University of Lleida. After a public call push to attract members, the first trial -the February 12, and with surprise and joy on its part came 72 musicians. At the moment they are more than 90, including 13- or 14 years and musicians who are around 60, most of the city of Lleida but also -a treintena- from many towns in the province (Cervera, Tarrega, Agramunt, Tremp, Alfarràs, Torrefarrera or Alpicat, among others).

The new band made their pre-debut in the street during the Moors and Christians (18/05/2014) and was filed on June 10, 2014 before their city and their audience with a concert at the Auditorio Enric Granados institution that has welcomed among its residents formations.

The aim is to offer a repertoire of quality in concert hall or outdoors, with an eye to act beyond the immediate confines.

His will is to promote symphonic band music either in concerts or events outside the enclosed space. Actively seeks to collaborate with other cultural associations and Lleida in Catalonia, as well as internationally to achieve well designed, with badge of excellence, promoting musicians of the city and its districts. So the band to national and international competitions bandísticos opens; to meetings, conferences and festivals. Looking at once invite directors and performers prestige.

Auditori Enric Granados

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